Regulatory and Administrative Law


Davis Malm’s regulatory and administrative law attorneys understand the business and regulatory challenges faced by participants in regulated industries and work closely with clients to protect their interests, ensure compliance, and avoid or minimize sanctions in cases of alleged noncompliance. We have extensive experience in a range of industry sectors, including cable television, telecommunications, data security and information privacy, energy, renewable energy, environmental, permitting, zoning, and liquor licensing.

We regularly represent clients in securing regulatory approvals and advocating in state and federal agency proceedings. Our understanding of these agencies, and the policies and procedures under which they operate, allow us to counsel clients on the complex and ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Our attorneys take a collaborative and cross-disciplinary approach to representing clients in commercial transactions, including equity and debt financings and mergers and acquisitions, and in real estate development projects, including zoning, subdivision permitting, comprehensive permits, environmental impact reports and reviews, coastal zone and wetlands issues, historic preservation approvals, solid and municipal waste permits, storm water issues, public way approvals, sidewalk permits, building permits, and certificates of occupancy. We also have a successful track record in pursuing and defending claims, and in obtaining relief through administrative and judicial appeals.

As a best practice, our attorneys not only closely follow industry trends and changes in the law, but they are also active in industry organizations in order to maintain relationships with key non-client participants and agency personnel, identify emerging industry developments, and achieve mutually beneficial non-litigation outcomes to the extent possible.



Data Security Planning 2.0 (1:42:32)
Presented By Robert J. Munnelly, Jr.
In this Data Security Planning 2.0 program, Robert J. Munnelly, Jr., Nick DeLena, and Charles Bellingrath outline best practices for business owners and executives to help strengthen data security by enhancing existing programs and computer security practices, and ensuring proper cyber insurance coverages are in place.

Creating Written Information Security Plans (WISPs) (25:37)
Presented By Robert J. Munnelly, Jr.
Rob Munnelly provides an overview of WISPs, including the requirements under Massachusetts law, and outlines key elements involved in developing and maintaining strong plans.

Building Strong IT Controls (37:11)
Presented by Nick DeLena
Nick DeLena of OCD Tech reviews the more technical aspect of WISPs and ways to improve security posture organizationally, including identifying and classifying data, logical access, access monitoring and alerting, encryption, perimeter protection, operating system security, patch management, malware protection, and awareness and training.

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