On October 3, Davis Malm shareholder Tamsin Kaplan spoke on the panel for the American Arbitration Association’s national webinar, “What Really Happened? Investigating Workplace Discrimination and Harassment Complaints.” This program is critically important for all business owners, human resources professionals and employment lawyers. Tamsin and other panel members addressed best practices for conducting a neutral fact-finding investigation to resolve workplace discrimination and harassment complaints.

Tamsin discussed issues facing employers when they receive a complaint of workplace discrimination and harassment. She provided insights into the process of initiating an investigation, including challenges and potential pitfalls in communication with the accuser and the accused, choice of an internal or outside investigator, and interfacing with union leadership.

American Arbitration Association® (AAA) is a not-for-profit organization. AAA has a long history and experience in the field of alternative dispute resolution, providing services to individuals and organizations who wish to resolve conflicts out of court.

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