In March 2015, Gary Matsko authored “In the Wake of Blank-Chokel-Merriam” as a supplement to his presentation at MCLE’s 14th Annual Business Litigation Conference 2015. Read the article here.

As previously announced, Gary served on the “Navigating the Tricky Terrain of Closely Held Entity Owners’ Disputes” panel at the conference, which addressed the interaction between fiduciary obligations and contract principals in the closely held entity setting. Gary and the other panelists discussed a variety of issues including the uncertain protection afforded the majority by entity formation documents and contracts, the unclear lines between fiduciary and contractual obligations that arise from the Blank-Chokel-Merriam line of cases, the impact of the recently-decided Selmark Associates, Inc. v. Ehrlich case, the peculiar privilege and conflict concerns that arise, and the advantages of looking to the laws of other jurisdictions when selecting a state of formation.

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