On May 13, Davis Malm hosted the American Bar Association Women Rainmakers Spring 2014 workshop “Negotiate Your Way to Success: Best Practices for Women Rainmakers.” The 90-minute interactive program was tailored for women lawyers at all levels and in every firm size, and was designed to teach practical tips to better focus negotiation efforts to obtain the desired results. The attendees participated in breakout exercises and group discussions addressing necessary steps for strategic and effective negotiations. The program specifically highlighted constructive ways to approach the negotiation process, as well the importance of recognizing the various negotiation styles that exist and how to leverage these strengths.

This program was held in 38 cities across the U.S. The Boston workshop was led by Susan Letterman White, Chair of ABA Women Rainmakers, and was inspired by the findings in the publication titled What You Need to Know About Negotiating Compensation released by the ABA Presidential Task Force on Gender Equity and the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession.

Davis Malm attendees included shareholders Tamsin Kaplan and Donna White.

Susan Letterman White has developed and performed trainings and workshops to hundreds of clients, individual lawyers and professional staff, and led consulting projects aimed at diagnosing and changing ineffective law firm culture.

For more information contact: Joanne M. Thorud; (617) 589-3894; jthorud@davismalm.com

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