Lateral Shareholders

Davis Malm is always on the lookout for lateral shareholder-level attorneys to complement our team. We consider any practice area that serves our clients’ needs. Let us provide the support you need to grow and maintain your practice.

If you’re a shareholder-level candidate with an established clientele looking to take your practice to the next level, contact one of our recruitment attorneys:

Larry Casey,
Paul Feldman,

Why Join Us?


Our firm is built on the foundation of teamwork. We draw on the talent, experience, energy and creativity of our attorneys, in all practice areas, to best serve our clients. From the challenging work we do to the way we run our firm and maintain our commitment to work-life balance, it’s all about working together.


We take pride in our clear and objective compensation system that rewards entrepreneurship and hard work. No compensation committee. No red tape. No smoke and mirrors.


You know how to manage your practice, your development and your clients. What works for you might not work for the attorney in the office next to you. Our shareholders decide how to run their practices in ways that produce successful outcomes. Do it your way.


We retain great talent and recruit strategically. Some shareholders began their careers at the firm as young associates and now serve in leadership roles. Our dedicated staff members are important to the success of the firm, and several have been with us for decades. We’re very proud of our loyal client base, many of whom have been with the firm since shortly after we opened our doors. From attorneys to staff to clients, longevity is in our DNA.

No Mandatory Retirement

At Davis Malm, age doesn’t determine when you leave the firm. You do. We recognize that attorneys enjoy the work they do and value their client relationships. Having a birthday doesn’t mean you have to stop practicing.

Track Record

We often face opposing counsel from the largest firms in the country. We go toe to toe with them, and our positive outcomes speak for themselves. It’s not the size of the team that matters; it’s the quality of the players. We outsmart our opponents and consistently live up to our motto: “Sometimes outnumbered, never outmaneuvered.”



We’re always on the lookout for new talent. Get in touch.

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