Larry Casey and Robert Kaitz co-authored a chapter in the 2017 supplement of the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education’s (MCLE) Massachusetts Employment Law. The chapter, “Privacy in the Workplace: An Employee Perspective,” discusses recent updates in workplace privacy rights, including new limitations on employers’ ability to disclose employees’ medical information and facts regarding termination, conduct drug testing, maintain personnel files, access employees’ criminal records, and intercept employees’ mail. The chapter served as an update to the 2013 supplement, which Larry also co-authored.

Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education is the Massachusetts legal community’s premier provider of hands-on educational programs and reference materials. MCLE aims to raise the caliber of lawyers’ professional and ethical service to their clients and communities, by providing comprehensive and practical continuing legal education of the highest quality. Massachusetts Employment Law helps to sort through the many statutes and regulations—both state and federal—that provide causes of action and defenses to volatile workplace disputes.

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