On November 6, Davis Malm hosted the American Bar Association Women Rainmakers Fall 2013 workshop “Strategic Networking: A Guide for Women Rainmakers.” The 90-minute interactive program, held in 26 cities across the U.S., was tailored for women lawyers at all levels and discussed every aspect of networking, from choosing the right event to planning conversation starters. The Boston workshop was led by Susan Letterman White, Chair of ABA Women Rainmakers. The program was designed to teach the latest techniques to develop business, enhance current skills, and allow participants to network with women who have similar interests.

Davis Malm attendees included Laura A. D’Anca, Amy Fracassini, Evgenia Goryshina, Kendra Kinscherf, Marjorie Suisman and Donna White.

Susan Letterman White has developed and performed trainings and workshops to hundreds of clients, individual lawyers and professional staff, and led consulting projects aimed at diagnosing and changing ineffective law firm culture.

For more information contact: Joanne M. Thorud; (617) 589-3894; jthorud@davismalm.com

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