On October 26, Davis Malm and shareholder Tony Hewett hosted a special fall event, “Celebrating Success: A Salute to Veterans’ Initiatives.” The evening featured presentations by U.S. Congressman Seth Moulton, Sixth District of Massachusetts; Allan A. Ryan, Jr., Esq., Board Chair of Veterans Legal Services; and a performance by Nate Daviau, Berklee College of Music student, singer/songwriter. Discussions centered on initiatives supporting American veterans.

Esteemed guests included Francisco Urena, Massachusetts Secretary of Veterans’ Services; Robert Nelson, District Director of the U.S. Small Business Administration, and representatives from BDC Capital, Celtic Bank, Customers Bank, Eastern Bank, Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation, Eastern Benefits Group LLC, Eastern Insurance Group, Greater Boston Legal Services, The Boston Company Asset Management, and Veterans Legal Services.

Mr. Hewett welcomed guests and noted that support of veterans is one of the most critical issues facing our country at this time.

Anna Schleelein Richardson, Esq., Co-Executive Director & Chief Counsel of Veterans Legal Services, opened the program by providing an overview of Veterans Legal Services and explaining their mission to remove legal barriers to improve the lives of American veterans. She stated that legal services are one of the most unmet needs for veterans, and Veterans Legal Services has been able to battle this problem by recruiting 140 volunteer lawyers, who currently provide services for over 500 veterans.

Ms. Richardson introduced Allan Ryan, who emphasized that “What Veterans Legal Services does is not charitable. We are repaying an obligation to veterans that we have incurred as a society through their service”.

U.S. Congressman Seth Moulton spoke about his time as a U.S. Marine, including four tours of duty in Iraq, and shared his plan to win the peace in the Middle East. Moulton also discussed his efforts in Congress, including efforts to improve health care for our nation’s veterans, stating, “Veterans have so much to offer this country, and it is our obligation as a society to provide the support they need and have earned.”

The program concluded with a wonderful performance by singer/songwriter Nate Daviau, a native of Toronto, Canada, who entertained guests with his incredible guitar skills and performed three songs, two of which were originals.

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