On March 9, PRADAN, a non-profit organization, was awarded the 2015 Times of India Social Impact Award for its work in India’s most difficult regions. This prestigious award, instituted three years ago, honors people who work towards delivering essential needs, such as education, healthcare and decent livelihood, to India’s compatriots. To be selected for this award, organizations must undergo a rigorous application progress followed by meticulous reviews by an assessment panel. PRADAN was recognized as the best non-governmental organization in the Livelihood category due to its scale of work, impressive numbers, and commitment to produce results.

As one of the largest non-governmental organizations in India, PRADAN fosters the livelihoods of the rural poor through an approach that blends the socio-behavioral with the technical and managerial dimensions. Through its various programs, PRADAN promotes self-help groups, develops suitable economic activities, mobilizes finances, and introduces systems to not only improve the lives of the rural poor, but also sustain their progress. The PRADAN team works with over 250,000 families spread across seven of India’s poorest states.

Davis Malm shareholder Sam Mawn-Mahlau is on the board of PRADAN USA, a non-profit organization, which will serve as the American affiliate of PRADAN. To learn more about PRADAN, visit its website.

For more information contact: Joanne Thorud; (617) 589-3894; jthorud@davismalm.com

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