Many laws affecting your workplace changed during the past year. This is a good time to review and update your employee handbook, policies and practices.

Protect your business. Rotate your tires and check under the hood:

  • At-will employment policies – The National Labor Relations Board imposes restrictions on at-will disclaimers.
  • CORI and criminal background checks – State law now mandates written CORI policies.
  • Family and Medical Leave Act – Federal law is proposed to provide leave for family members of veterans.
  • Protection of personal information – Massachusetts regulations require contracts with vendors and third parties to protect against identity theft.
  • Social media policies – The National Labor Relations Board issued strict rules and a new model policy.
  • Transgender Equal Rights Law – This new Massachusetts law protects workers based on gender identity and expression.
  • Workplace investigations – Employers can no longer require blanket confidentiality.



If you have any questions about this alert or would like to discuss your company’s employment policies, please contact a member of our Employment Law Practice.

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