Trusts and Estates


Davis Malm's trusts and estates attorneys draw on decades of experience in counseling individuals and families to accomplish their financial and charitable goals and to plan the orderly disposition of their assets at death. We provide a full range of services, beginning with essential documents that serve as the basis for all types of planning. Building on those basics, we craft complex plans for individuals with more complicated asset or family situations. We advise clients on charitable giving, sophisticated estate and gift taxation issues, and the effective administration of estates and trusts. For our clients who own interests in privately held businesses, we provide succession planning geared toward a smooth, tax-efficient transfer of ownership of the business at retirement or death. We also provide succession planning for our clients with vacation homes or other "heirloom" properties, with the goal of minimizing taxes and avoiding family conflict. We have expertise in estate planning for nontraditional families and for persons with disabilities. Members of our trusts and estates team are often asked to serve as professional trustees of various types of trusts. We have a particular expertise in working with personal injury lawyers to structure tort settlements so that we can meet our clients' needs to fund care and rehabilitation and to improve quality of life.

The strength of our trusts and estates practice lies not only in our technical expertise, but also in our dedication to working with individuals to understand and refine their goals. Each estate plan we prepare grows out of our ability to listen, to develop an understanding of our clients' family and financial pictures, to explain options, and to provide counsel. Our ultimate aim is to provide our clients with the peace of mind that they will leave a legacy of which they can be proud.

Our trusts and estates attorneys recognize the importance of proper planning for end-of-life care. In our client meetings, we have always encouraged our clients to discuss their end-of-life wishes with their loved ones, and to do so before they find themselves in a moment of crisis. The Conversation Project, founded by former Boston Globe columnist Ellen Goodman, is a public engagement campaign whose mission is to ensure that each person’s wishes for end-of-life care are both expressed and respected. The organization provides people with tools to make it easier to have these all-important conversations. View The Conversation Project’s Conversation Starter Kit.


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