Business Counseling


Davis Malm's business attorneys assist large, small, public, and private business clients with a wide variety of legal issues that arise in the course of operating a business and planning for its future. Our work includes all facets of counseling, from assisting entrepreneurs with the selection of the most appropriate form of organization to advising established businesses on corporate governance, contract negotiation, employment matters, strategic planning, tax planning, succession planning, and acquisition and sale. Our experience and familiarity with business law and with businesses in all stages of growth enable us to best serve our clients' short- and long-term objectives.

For those businesses that do not have in-house legal resources, our business attorneys often act as outside general counsel, performing all the legal functions necessary to operate the business. For clients with in-house legal resources, we assist with a wide range of projects or issues. We regularly draft and negotiate documentation for the financial transactions in which businesses are involved, such as public and private debt and equity arrangements, initial and follow-on public offerings, bank financing, and the issuance of convertible debt or hybrid securities.

For our public clients, we provide essential guidance on an ongoing basis regarding compliance with filing, disclosure, and other requirements under state and federal securities laws. We also offer our business clients expert advice in dealing with the various governmental regulatory requirements with which they are confronted. By understanding the unique characteristics and needs of our clients' businesses, we are often able to provide preventive services - before legal problems arise or escalate - by designing and implementing compliance or training programs as well as by conducting internal audits and investigations.