Regulatory and Administrative Law
January 2017


Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority Implements New Connecticut Bar Requirements; Davis Malm in Full Compliance

The Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (“CT PURA”) issued notices in its pending dockets confirming that, as required by new state ethics rules effective January 1, 2017, out of state attorneys can no longer practice before CT PURA without meeting Connecticut Bar requirements – either membership or securing pro hac vice status from a Connecticut Superior Court. Going forward, attorneys must file proof of state bar compliance in each PURA docket. Pro hac vice status is potentially difficult to obtain and is supposed to be granted to out of state attorneys only “upon special and infrequent occasion and for good cause shown…” See Connecticut Practice Book, Section 2-15, which can be found here. Section 2-15 also requires that a Connecticut licensed attorney participate in CT PURA hearings along with the attorney granted pro hac vice status.
This new rule has no effect on Davis, Malm & D’Agostine, P.C. Davis Malm’s lead regulatory shareholder, Robert J. Munnelly, Jr., who frequently represents clients before CT PURA, is a member of both Connecticut and Massachusetts Bars and will continue to represent clients at CT PURA without the expense and uncertainty of seeking pro hac vice status for every PURA proceeding.


If you have questions, please contact Robert J. Munnelly, Jr., in our Regulatory and Administrative Law Practice.

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