Radio Entrepreneurs (5:22)

Presented By Lawrence J. Casey
Employment attorney Larry Casey discusses with Radio Entrepreneurs how new overtime regulations affect employers. Listen to full podcast here.

2016 Employment Law Seminar (1:25:44)

Presented By Lawrence J. Casey, Gary M. Feldman and Tamsin R. Kaplan
Larry Casey, Gary Feldman and Tamsin Kaplan discuss some of hot topics surrounding employment laws, including politics in the workplace, proper maintenance of personnel records, proper documentation and progressive discipline, misclassifying employees as independent contractors, proposed overtime regulations pending decision by the Department of Labor, and recent activity surrounding transgender laws, both at the federal and state levels.

Maintaining Employee Personnel Records (14:31)

Presented By Tamsin R. Kaplan
Tamsin Kaplan outlines the statutory requirements and best business practices for properly maintaining personnel records, including what should and should not be included in employee records and employee rights regarding access to their personnel files.

Politics in the Workplace (25:48)

Presented By Gary M. Feldman
In this politically charged election year, Gary Feldman outlines best practices for employers to control discussing politics in the workplace in order to ensure productivity and maintain workplace morale, including focusing on how the First Amendment right to “free speech” impacts employers.

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Regulatory and Administrative Law

Data Security Planning 2.0 (1:42:32)

In this Data Security Planning 2.0 program, Robert J. Munnelly, Jr., Nick DeLena, and Charles Bellingrath outline best practices for business owners and executives to help strengthen data security by enhancing existing programs and computer security practices, and ensuring proper cyber insurance coverages are in place.

Creating Written Information Security Plans (WISPs) (25:37)

Rob Munnelly provides an overview of WISPs, including the requirements under Massachusetts law, and outlines key elements involved in developing and maintaining strong plans.

Building Strong IT Controls (37:11)

Presented by Nick DeLena
Nick DeLena of OCD Tech reviews the more technical aspect of WISPs and ways to improve security posture organizationally, including identifying and classifying data, logical access, access monitoring and alerting, encryption, perimeter protection, operating system security, patch management, malware protection, and awareness and training.

The Evolving Liabilities: Cyber Privacy & Security Exposures (27:18)

Presented By Charles Bellingrath
Charles Bellingrath of ARC Excess & Surplus, LLC provides an overview of cyber insurance, including coverages and potential costs involved when breaches occur.

Trusts and Estates

Health, Wealth & Wisdom Series: Sharing Your Story and Leaving Your Legacy

Presented By David O'Neil and Susan Turnbull
Mr. O'Neil, Story Trust, and Ms. Turnbull, Personal Legacy Advisors, discuss the range of options for communicating stories and wisdom that will last for generations.

Health, Wealth & Wisdom Series: Crafting an Aligned Vision and Effective Family Decision Making

Presented By Doug Baumoel and Blair Trippe, Continuity Family Business Consulting
Mr. Baumoel and Ms. Trippe provide various frameworks, structures, and key approaches on how to best manage and understand conflict so that families can move forward with their planning needs.

Health, Wealth & Wisdom Series: Speak Now, or Someone Else May Speak For You

Presented By Dianne Savastano, Founder of Healthassist
Ms. Savastano discusses healthcare trends, innovative models of healthcare delivery, and several end of life scenarios with key takeaway strategies. (1:26:00)

Passport to Trusts and Estates: U.S. Issues for Canadian Estates

Presented By Amy L. Fracassini
Ms. Fracassini and Mr. Gaudet discuss cross-border tax and estate planning issues for wealth and estate professionals.