2017 Employment Law Seminar (1:40:59)

Presented By Lawrence J. Casey, Gary M. Feldman, Tamsin R. Kaplan, Robert M. Kaitz and David M. Rogers
Larry Casey, Gary Feldman, Tamsin Kaplan, Robert Kaitz, and Dave Rogers discuss some of the hot topics surrounding employment laws, including pay equality, workplace investigations and confidentiality, overtime laws, legalization of marijuana, social media and related policies, the new I-9 Form, Trade Secrets Act of 2016, employee access to confidential company documents, EEOC guidance re: national origin discrimination enforcement under Title VII, and insights from the Massachusetts State House.

Pay Equity (16:43)

Presented By Gary M. Feldman
Gary Feldman provides an overview of the Act to Establish Pay Equity, which goes into effect in Massachusetts on July 1, 2018. The presentation outlines new rules and restrictions under the new statute and steps employers can take to prepare for the changes.

Workplace Investigations & Confidentiality (5:58)

Presented By Tamsin R. Kaplan
Tamsin Kaplan explains how to properly conduct workplace investigations and describes the case-specific analysis required to determine if non-disclosure is necessary. Although respecting privacy is important, sometimes investigation is necessary.

Overtime Pay Laws (3:15)

Presented By Lawrence J. Casey
Larry Casey provides a status update to the possible changes to federal overtime rules.

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Intellectual Property

Radio Entrepreneurs (3:22)

Presented By Richard L. Sampson
Rich Sampson joins co-hosts Pat Clendenen and Jeffrey Davis on Radio Entrepreneurs to discuss the importance of businesses protecting their Intellectual Property. Listen to full podcast here.

Radio Entrepreneurs (4:52)

Presented By Paul Bottino
Paul Bottino joins co-hosts Pat Clendenen and Jeffrey Davis on Radio Entrepreneurs to discuss his work at the Harvard Technology & Entrepreneurship Center. Listen to full podcast here.

Radio Entrepreneurs (6:39)

Presented by Howard Susser
Howard Susser of Burns & Levinson joins co-hosts Pat Clendenen and Jeffrey Davis on Radio Entrepreneurs to discuss intellectual property and patent law. Listen to full podcast here.

Radio Entrepreneurs (3:20)

Presented By Warren Agin
Warren Agin, founder of Analytic Law, LLC and Of Counsel to Swiggart & Agin, joins Radio Entrepreneurs to discuss his work in legal analytics. Listen to full podcast here.

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Radio Entrepreneurs (5:50)

Presented By Patrick T. Clendenen
Pat Clendenen discusses cyber liability, including managing litigation costs when breaches occur, issues involved in class action suits, the importance of insurance coverage, and shareholders liability in breach situations. Listen to full podcast here.

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Regulatory and Administrative Law

Radio Entrepreneurs (3:01)

Presented By Robert J. Munnelly, Jr.
Rob Munnelly provides insight on a range of company protections that will ensure quick recovery from a data breach. Listen to full podcast here.

Data Breach Planning 2.0 (1:15:25)

Presented By Patrick T. Clendenen and Robert J. Munnelly, Jr.
In this Data Breach Planning 2.0 program, Robert J. Munnelly, Jr., Mark Spencer, and Patrick T. Clendenen outline breach response preparation, responding to computer and network breaches, minimizing potential exposure to sanctions and litigation risks, and responding effectively to litigation.

Breach Planning and Regulatory Requirements (21:53)

Presented By Robert J. Munnelly, Jr.
Rob Munnelly provides an overview on breach planning, including developing an incident response plan, identifying internal breach response teams and external data security resources, and developing action items for the initial hours and days following a suspected breach.

Responding to Computer/Network Compromise (26:14)

Presented By Mark Spencer
Mark Spencer of Arsenal Consulting discusses how people are compromised, how to reduce risk and identify a breach at the earliest possible opportunity, digital forensics, and shares several interesting case studies.

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Trusts and Estates

Health, Wealth & Wisdom Series: Sharing Your Story and Leaving Your Legacy

Presented By David O'Neil and Susan Turnbull
Mr. O'Neil, Story Trust, and Ms. Turnbull, Personal Legacy Advisors, discuss the range of options for communicating stories and wisdom that will last for generations.

Health, Wealth & Wisdom Series: Crafting an Aligned Vision and Effective Family Decision Making

Presented By Doug Baumoel and Blair Trippe, Continuity Family Business Consulting
Mr. Baumoel and Ms. Trippe provide various frameworks, structures, and key approaches on how to best manage and understand conflict so that families can move forward with their planning needs.

Health, Wealth & Wisdom Series: Speak Now, or Someone Else May Speak For You

Presented By Dianne Savastano, Founder of Healthassist
Ms. Savastano discusses healthcare trends, innovative models of healthcare delivery, and several end of life scenarios with key takeaway strategies. (1:26:00)

Passport to Trusts and Estates: U.S. Issues for Canadian Estates

Presented By Amy L. Fracassini
Ms. Fracassini and Mr. Gaudet discuss cross-border tax and estate planning issues for wealth and estate professionals.

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